Jessica Ariel Wendroff

Jessica is a Photo editor at Topix Media Lab. She is also freelance writer, and former Photo Editor, Photographer and Writer for Elite Daily. Prior to kickstarting her career, she interned at various media companies including Viacom/Spike TV, The Cosmopolitan Magazine, VEVO and The Museum of the Moving Image.

She has written for Teen Vogue, POPSUGAR, Bustle, Elite Daily, Romper, Ravishly, YourTango, Screen Prism, Let's Mend, The Dishh, and Super Script. Her articles have received 1 million views, over 200,000 shares, and have been recognized by celebrities like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Abby Parece.

During Jess' downtime, she travels (18 countries and counting), and stays up-to-date with fashion and TV shows.

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